Arduino Workshop for beginners


Hello Guys, I know the internet is filled up with Arduino courses, but sometimes you will be looking for few slides to introduce beginners to Robotics through Arduino.
The first file is an introduction to Arduino, board, pins, and code. The slides contain headlines with a small explanation, so of course, you should do the rest of the work, I recommend Arduino Official Website to build a well-structured knowledge on Arduino as a teacher to pass it to students.

The second file covers the most important sensors used along with Arduino like Ultrasonic, temperature sensor, motor drivers, and motor drivers, which will show students how Arduino interacts with sensors, how to read their data, and how to use them properly.


Please suggest any edit or new ideas, this post will be updated everytime I create a new version or add new info.

And soon I will upload a full curriculum for schools for teachers to follow.

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